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    e39 engine block Autos
    Macbook Pro A1150 Computers and Electronics
    • Nextcloud server-side maintenance and automation

      Hosting your own instance of Nextcloud offers the additionl advantage of server-side scripting and task automation.

    • Fixing duplicate birthday entries in Nextcloud 19

      Nextcloud automatically generates a birthday calendar from a user’s contacts. Unfortunately older contact cards that have been carried over through various Nextcloud version upgrades can result in duplicate entries.

    • Sony PVM-6041QM Professional Video Monitor Restoration

      Complete restoration to factory standards of a 1995 Sony Broadcasting Professional Video Monitor (PVM) model 6041QM.

    • Fail2ban Python Parser

      Fail2ban is an intrustion prevention system, written in Python and developped over 10 years by Cyril Jaquier, Arturo Busleiman and many other contributors.

    • Anki

      A primer for setting up and using Anki and a handful of highly effective add-ons.

    • Resources for Learning German

      A small collection of useful tools and resources for learning German.

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