BMW NCS Expert Coding

By Cris, February 26, 2017
Last updated: February 27, 2017

BMW vehicles have specialized modules (simple computers) responsible for different regions of the car.

Available modules include:

  • ABG – Airbag module
  • AKMB – Instrument cluster
  • DSC – Dynamic stability control
  • EWS – Immobilizer
  • FTM – Rearview module
  • GM3 – General Module 3,4,5 etc
  • IHKA – Heater/AC
  • KMB
  • LCM – Light control module
  • LWR
  • LWS
  • RAD – Radio
  • RLS – Rain/light sensor
  • SM – Seat memory

NCS was the official BMW software used both in factory and dealerships until ~2008. This covered the following chassis models:


NCS Expert was leaked online to the public probably in the early 2000’s and allows reading and re-coding of convenience features and other specialized vehicle settings (most of which you shouldn’t touch)

Reading and parsing the output trace files (configuration files) from each module is done with the help of a software called NCS for Dummies. It will allow reading and modification of trace files with allowed options. Modified trace files can be re-flashed onto the car with NCS Expert.

Imformation was compiled from the following sources:


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